North Korea needs your prayers

Do you have a heart for North Korea? We hope you do – we believe that nations can be changed through prayer.

BMS World Mission’s Project Cyrus initiative has led to hundreds of churches and supporters praying for the people of North Korea over the past three years. BMS General Director David Kerrigan would love to share with you some of the answers to those prayers – answers so tangible we simply can’t talk about them outside of Project Cyrus Prayer Events like these.

Come and listen to the story of how God laid the North Korean people on the heart of Robert Jermain Thomas, who was martyred there in 1866, and and hear what God is doing right now.

Project Cyrus is about some of the most exciting work BMS is privileged to do. We look forward to sharing it with you – and to seeing great things in the days to come.

Hosted by BMS World Mission with David Kerrigan

Rev David Kerrigan is General Director of BMS World Mission. He first joined BMS in 1983, having first qualified as an accountant in industry. After training in the UK, he and his wife Janet and their two small children worked in Bangladesh where David was Treasurer of a large General and Leprosy Hospital.  On learning Bengali, David also had opportunity for teaching and preaching in the area, and returned to UK in 1988 for full-time theological studies at Spurgeon’s College.

David was then called to the pastorate at Pinhoe Road Baptist Church, Exeter, before the opportunity came to rejoin BMS in 1995 as Regional Secretary for Asia living this time in Sri Lanka.  David was responsible for BMS work in Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia and India.  In 1997 David visited Afghanistan for the first time, then still under Taliban rule, and negotiated the beginning of BMS work there. During this period also, he served for four years as President of the United Mission to Nepal.

David returned to the UK in 1999 to become BMS Director for Mission, before being appointed as General Director in January 2009. David retires as General Director this year.