Peter Stevenson has been Principal of the South Wales Baptist College since September 2011.  Before moving to Cardiff he taught at Spurgeon’s College in London, where he was the Director of Continuing Ministerial Development. Before getting involved in theological education Peter served as a local church minister for 17 years in Bedford, Shirley (Solihull) and in south London. Preaching has been an important element of his ministry over many years and this is reflected in the recent publication of the SCM Studyguide to Preaching (London: SCM Press, 2017) and (addas Olaf Davies), Pregethu (Chwilog: Cyhoeddiadau’r Gair, 2018). Peter is married to Susan,  who is a Regional Minister with the South Wales Baptist Association. When they have free time they enjoy walking, swimming, reading and going to the cinema.